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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wednesday November 2cnd., 2011

It's amazing, everyday is full. There is always loads of "stuff" going on. It's a kind of non-stop movie. Somehow it all seems "normal", from driving with Dave and Alie to the emergency hospital department in Almeria in the night, to the flow of visitors dropping in and flowing through.
Tonight a couple of "Journeymen" dropped in, fully dressed in traditional "Journeyman" costume. We have had a number through over the years. It has to be one of the last mediaeval traditions still "on the go".
Kuba has started painting the walls of the big salon, and has washed down the beams too. Muy bien. We are getting very clean and fresh looking.


  1. well done Kuba, painting again, did abuela tell you that?

  2. Kuba says: abuela no, abuelito... :-)


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