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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hello All,

Well, that's it. The Conference is over and I have "had my say", quite a lot of words over the three days.

I guess there is often the feeling of "come down" after such an event. Unfortunately for all life on the planet things are pretty bad as a result of the behavior of our perverse financial, legal, and business structures.

The "how bad" is actually not normally acknowledged. We have had speakers from many disciplines addressing this Conference.

The information has been profoundly inspiring and profoundly depressing. In this Conference we have been able to look at our situation. The good and the bad and the very ugly. !

I talked about the role of society in the sorting out of this mess which we have got ourselves into. I also talked about the Mirador  open pit copper and gold mine in Ecuador.

The simple bottom line is to acquaint ourselves with the facts, to look into our hearts and to see what part we can play individually and collectively, in sorting out this mess and in the building of a new and happier world.

Sounds easy?. No it isn't. ! We are all going to have to step outside our "comfort zones". 

Go for it. ! Big Hug.  David.

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