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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day 2 in Brisbane.

All is going well. I had a good sleep last night, and I needed it. Three nights in various types of seats and "time travel", was a bit "wearing". 

As you can see in the picture - a luxury bed. I slept until 9.30 and nearly missed breakfast.

This evening I went to the first event of the Conference, an art show with the concept of unification of Nature and Humans. It was well attended, and I have a couple of pictures for you.

I met Michelle the Conference organizer and had dinner with Nati Greene who is a lawyer from Quito in Ecuador who is in the "front line" in the struggle for Yasuni Park and whom I have been in contact with over The Mirador Mine. Also present were Alex and Maria, two lawyers who work for the rights of Aborigines and their lands here in Australia. Good dinner and good company.

Alex gave us a lift back in the first "Hybrid" car that I have ever driven in. Impressive. I like the system. Here is a "dashboard" picture.

This shows that the car is running on electric power. We are stopped at a traffic light. It would be good to see more of these in Europe. !

More tomorrow. !

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