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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Ram Pump break down after the Flood. !

With so much water flowing up the irrigation line there was bound to be some sorting out to do.On Saturday morning the Ram Pump had stopped because of wear. It is a hard life in El Rio. !
Joe sets to work on the Ram Pump.

You can see the water squeezing out under pressure.

Lifting the lid. !
This is how it looks. Actually it is a simple mechanism.
Here you can see how the white rubber seal is being eaten where it meets the metal.
 Joe looks satisfied with progress.
 This picture shows the worn screw thread.
 And here are the parts.
Joe and I drove to Sorbas and ordered three sets of spare parts from Pedro, "the metal man". ! 

We are getting stronger rubber, stainless steel bar threaded at the top of the bar and at the bottom of the bar, and the middle bit to remain solid metal, unthreaded, and so less liable to such fast wear. 

When we came back the water had disappeared. ! See next entry on the blog. !

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