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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Irrigation Line maintenance after "the flood".

With so much water forcing it's way down "the line", maintenance was the order of the day. Joe re-assembled the pump and there was not enough water to run it - so - rodding the pipe again. This time Honsa and Errol.

At this next section, the two Diegos from El Mirador house joined us.
Now Joe is in the water rodding backwards since we seem to have a blockage of some sort.
Well, sometimes things go wrong, and we lost a rod in the pipe, so, Diego, Diego, Jochan and Daqlin are exposing the pipe so that we can make a "surgical" cut and remove the rod. !
In the meantme I used this flower pot to block water entering the "crystal tank", as I suspected a leak. 
 I was right - the water drained away.
This is one hole and this morning, I found another on the other side. I filled them both with quick underwater setting Yesso and some rag.
 Water levels up and Ram Pump on.


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