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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

In The Tunnel

This is where we have the majority of work - inside the mountain.
We must repair the tunnel wall as this hole reduces the self cleaning power of the pressure of water in the tunnel.
Here is Lucas. The water is steaming with a temperature of 20 degrees, outside it as around 12 degrees C.
The flood water could not come out of this exit owing to vegetation. The result was a failure of the tunnel self cleaning system and we have many tons of stone and sand to remove.
Looking inside the blocked exit. Lucas looking out from the inside.
With our team we expect to move about one ton of gravel and stone from the tunnel per day. That relates to around 30 buckets per day containing about 30 kilos in each bucket. Little by little we will clear the tunnel.


  1. What a fantastic work.. The most dangerous I ever did... But so nice... Did it for the farmers in Sorbas, got tons of vegetables and a reputation as crazy viking minero... And some cash... And experience... and learned to deal with near death, due to tunnels falling down... Good time... But not so fun...

    1. Our tunnel is a lot safer as the parts we are cleaning are carved out of solid rock. !


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