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Sunday, 23 July 2017

A walk up the river.

We started our walk from below the Casa De La Realidad. The final picture shows the level inside the 2,000 year old tunnel supplying the village with water. The situation is critical. Super intensive olive production must be declared ILLEGAL or this ecosystem will die.

Walking upstream.

 Small waterfalls.

 Still quite "jungly" and great swimming here.
 Small Jakusi pool.

As we go higher up the river we start to see the effect of six million olive trees taking water

 Dragon Nest. !
 Still flowing but not much. !

 The white lines show the descent in levels.

This is where the river used to flow into the mountain for our Irrigation Line. !
 Very dry. !
And here we are, inside the mountain in the 2,000 year old tunnel feeding water to the village. Not much left. !! How long have we got. ??

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