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Monday, 9 January 2017

In the UN Speaking about El Rio De Aguas

I am at a Conference in the UN explaining what is happening to El Rio De Aguas. I talk of the 2,300 hectares of land growing four million olive trees, extracting forty million litres of water every day to feed those trees.

We have enrolled a Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Office of Human Rights to take on our case as a failure of the Spanish Government  to secure us our Human Right to a Safe and Sustainable Environment. !

Industrial Agriculture is on the verge of annihilating this, the last Oasis in Western Europe.
I am speaking at The Geneva Forum. This is my third year. In 2014 I spoke on behalf of "Rights for Nature" using this case as an example of massive abuse.

In 2015 Colin Robinson and myself presented an update on "Rights of Nature" Europe, and I was again able to speak of our situation.

In 2016, I was selected by the UN organization "Harmony With Nature" and was asked to participate in an UN virtual dialogue looking at ways forward in the protection of Nature. I have been given the honour of being accepted as a world expert on Earth Jurisprudence.

No "victims" here. !!

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