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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The River Keeps Flowing and The Workers Keep Working.

We had a great team today with helpers from almost every household in the village. 

Here is a picture of the river and it has dropped a little in level and is still flowing well.

The team have opened about 100 meters of line at the far end and we are now at the top end. The line is nearly one kilometre long. !
 Nice work.
 Here is the flow measuring point set up by Almeria University.
 This is Jonathon in the tunnel.
 And here is Luke.
 Sheila is emptying buckets.
 Timbe is also emptying buckets from a second team.
 Sheila and Graham Turner.
 Interesting landscape behind Viktor.
 Jonathon and Viktor.
On the way home for lunch after a good amount of ditch clearing and removing another four tons of sand and gravel from inside the tunnel. We are doing well.

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