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Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday October 3rd., 2011

It has been a beautiful Autumn day here, rather like high Summer in England. !
Blue skies and around 25 to 30 degrees,
Not really much to report - getting better every day from the "flu". Ivi and Peter still both "under the weather". Ondra and Evi have been putting on a roof in the Filabres - loads of nailing work. 
In the words of Bob Marley "hammer dem down". 
Mihai's foot is getting better. 
Tim's car ran away and hit a lamp post. 
Eva got locked in a service station toilet and Ondra had to break the door in. 
Chispas bar without Chispa, so drink the beer and leave the money  - so - loads of fun - "everything is normal. " !! - or is it?. !

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