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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday October 6th., 2011

Today, I am using the computer Robert set up for us in Madrid. The M-Audio FireWire sound card box is a treat, and produces a very perceptibly enhanced quality of sound, also it is much easier to use the Internet on a larger screen. Thank you very much Robert. This is a good "set up".
The satellite dish and modems have arrived in Sorbas for our "fast" internet connection supplied by Bentley Walker of Southampton, England. 
Thank you very much Dan and Jon, this will make life a lot easier on the Internet. 5.6 Kbyts per second to 1Mbyte per second will be a more than significant difference. We get 4 Gbytes per month for download speed of 10 Mbytes per second.
At present it takes me about an hour every day to create the blogspot - this will reduce the time by at least 50%, probably more as it is the loading of the photos which takes so much time.
For the rest all is well. Peter has put a water filter on the cold water line to Tim, and has also repaired the Volt/ampmeter box. Mihai is creating a new flower bed and is weeding the paths, Alan is doing some touching up on the paintwork around the house. Ivi is not well. Ondra and Eva are working on their roof job, and I am "keeping the show on the road". !

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