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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tuesday , October 11 th., 2011

Ondra and Eva left for CZ today with the car full of Olive Oil and trousers. !!
Yesterday I collected some new parts for the Ram Pump and fitted them, and today Ondra brought over some self locking nuts, and I was then able to set the stroke on the pump and secure the bottom valve with the self locking nuts, and, fingers crossed, we are OK for the next few weeks. !!
Cesar came over in the afternoon and he gave me a "lift" over to Paco's farm where we looked at, and ordered wood, and then investigated the old cortijo on the hill with the Eagle "shit" full of bones. ! See picture. !!
Back "to the ranch" and Catherine called by with the electronic meter for satellite finding, and we talked about the "pro's and con's" of buying land in Tabernas - so - a gentle day.

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