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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday, October 2nd., 2011

I am still a little "bunged up", so I have had a quiet day watching movies and doing some internet "stuff".
Alan and Hannah and Peter went off to the beach. Ondra and Eva were up and off very early, at about 6.30 am,  to set up their "pitch" at Roquetas Del Mar. This will probably be their last day of selling. 
Ivi is feeling pretty "poorly" so had a quiet day.
The days are now getting shorter, so it seemed like an idea to show you our energy systems. 
The power for the batteries comes from 20 solar panels on the roof which generate 2 KW, if I am lucky. !! The energy gets stored in the batteries at 24 volts and is transformed to 230 volts and feeds our two houses. The transformer will supply a constant feed of 4 KW at 230 volt, if needed.
It is in no way "rocket science", and it works very well, supplying enough power for washing machines, one in each house, fridge, music systems, computers, sound studio in the "Pita Escuela", and, of course, lights.  
Living "off grid" does not necessitate a "hair shirt". !!!

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