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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Good work and good food.

A classic Paella by Enrique.
 After 152 mm in 36 hours, the river is flowing well.
Another view at the top end of the river. The river has deepened it's "bed" by about one meter.
 This was the flow after 32 mm.
Diego and Diego looking for the pipe.
 Honsa, Radolpho and Lucas fresh out of the tunnels.
 We have some digging to do.
 And some more facing the other way. !

 Tomorrow it will be good to open this exit.


  1. Water so precious,flowing so well, are you planning to erect a small dam, or other means of controlling the flow when the river is able to run?

  2. So the work from home bug has finally gotten to you. You might have spoken to a friend or family member who for years has had an enjoyable hobby and just recently started to actually make some money with the fruits of this labor. dailykos.com

    1. Hi Ella, I think you have got the proverbial wrong end of the stick.This is not about making money. This is about securing our future by keeping the water flowing to our village threatened with ECOCIDE.

      It is the greedy making of money which is destroying our Planet. Greed, selfishness and the desire for money at all costs is not our philosophy, and as an advisor to the UN I feel qualified to clarify this point with you. Thank you for your comment and I hope you can accept that our philosophy is one of caring and sharing, also, this blog is not for promoting business. You may like to write an article on our problems. We have three documentaries in circulation and this week we have had a reporter from Holland and a reporter from Malaga visiting us to spread word of this catastrophe which is unfolding.


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