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Monday, 1 August 2011

Quotes from a book called Community and Growth by Jean Vanier

Irish Dave sent me these words this morning. They are well worth sharing. !

Community and Growth by Jean Vanier. 

¨In a community people care for each other and not just for the community in the abstract, as a whole, an institution or an ideal way of life. It is people that matter. To love and care for the people that are there just the way they are¨

¨¨We all belong to the universe, we all receive from it and give to it, we are all¨part of a whole. The danger for people today is to forget that and think that they are the centre., that everyone else is there for them. People must die to this form of destructive egoism and be reborn in love, where they learn to receive from others and to give to them¨¨...........................
..................¨¨In a community people are called to cooperate together. Work has to be done; food must be bought or cultivated and meals prepared, dishes must be washed and floors cleaned. People must be welcomed, some turned away. Money must be earned or received as a gift, it must be spent and accounts kept and so on. There has to be clear organisation and discipline in a community; otherwise there will be chaos and terrible inefficiency¨¨

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