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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tuesday August 9th., 2011

We have had a relatively quiet day with the usual trip to Sorbas to buy a few things for the house.
Kuba has been renovating the stove in the "salon" , you can see the photograph. We watched a film in the afternoon and then set too with a fast round of watering and all those evening duties.

The weather is amazing, below 30 degrees, this is quite a treat for us, especially in August.the fly population is high, but we all get used to them, just a part of Summer in El Rio. There seem to be less mosquitoes than "normal" and an absence of "ticks" on the dogs. this is the second year we have had this phenomena, In the past we have been plagued by both mosquitoes and "ticks". It is strange and I do not know what has caused the change. Certainly, it is very dry, I cannot remember when it last rained, it is months ago rather than weeks ago. !

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