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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday August 7th., 2011

It's a hot Sunday, even the walls are warm, so, that means that temperatures are over blood heat - so - I think we must have hit the 40 degree mark. !
So far no fire, but the wind is blowing fairly hard from the South and that can be pretty dangerous if a fire starts - they just tear across the land burning everything combustible in their path. 
For us, we have been watching the new Harry Potter movie - very much like the last book and yes, well made.
We had a barbecue last night with 0ndra's barbecue recepie, which is excellent, the addition of some beer on the meat is good. !
For now, this evening, as usual, watering, more or less 500 litres in buckets - my gymnasium - and Ondra and Eva have "morteroed" the East Front. Good work. It's getting dark a little earlier now, like about 9.30, so supper gets a little earlier too. !

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