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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tuesday, August 30th., 2011

We had a great lightning show last night with two close "strikes", and a little bit of rain. There was a small earthquake about 50Km away which caused some damage, but it was in an unpopulated area, so got little media coverage. 
You can see from the pictures that I had a successful irrigation of Tim's Agave nursery. !
I trimmed the Acacia at the end of the house which has opened up the view down the valley, also I set the waste pipe in Yesso, a brilliant substance which will even set under water. It is great for the irrigation line too.
Filipe removed the fallen Agave Pita from the terrace below the house. You  can see the terrace to the right of the house in the picture.
Ivi did a great job cleaning the windows. Allan has been digging the Apricot tree terrace. Peter and Kuba have been working in the Filabres, and Mira has been making music. 
Ondra and Eva were off again to Retamar Beach for selling more trousers. They had a very "thin" night last night owing to the thunder storms. ! They work until about 2 in the morning and get back to the village at around 3.00 am.

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