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Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday October 24th.,2011.

The party went well over the weekend. We declared ourselves "open for business" at midday on Saturday and Oliver closed down the DJ music at 2.00 on Sunday afternoon - so - a good 25 hour festival for Sunseed's 25 th Anniversary.
Olivier was excellent - really good energy and really good music and loads of happy people, probably maxed at around 100 and averaged 40 to 50 most of the time. 
In short, a really good Fiesta party, plenty of food, plenty of everything = happy people. !

Today we are ON LINE with the satellite. Now it takes 15 to 20 minutes to manage this blogspot - previously - one hour or more. !!  3.2K upload from Movistar, 400Kb upload with Bentley Walker TwoWay system. Now "we're cooking with gas". !! Thank you Dan and Jon for the system and thank you Robert for the D Link Router.


  1. I never suspected that you might get bored in Los Molinos, but now with that fat pipe internet I am afraid you might get lost...Ha Ha Ha!

  2. Hi Robert, the pipe is not that fat. !!


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