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Monday, 19 September 2016

Day 5 - Irrigation Line work - Low levels and finally success.

This was the level at the crystal tank - really very low- the Ram Pump was working and not pumping water.
After 4 days of cleaning and optimising obviously we had missed something. No water for our watering point either.
This picture is showing the vegetation supported by the watering point.
Here we have a picture showing the feed pipe to the "coffin tank" running at half full.
The water level here seemed too high when taken in relativity to the rest of the line.
Under the water there are two pipes. One of those pipes was blocked with root material - about 20 kilos of material. !
On the other side of the two pipes we find this small area of open water. Below the water level is another pipe whose entrance was also covered in roots.
This is the actual flow that we are receiving from the tunnel in the mountain. This water is supplying the village through the Irrigation Line.
Here is Blondina with her right paw on the pipe which runs into the coffin tank. As you can see the pipe is now almost full.
Here is the measurement of water in the "crystal tank". With all the pipes and the ditch running at maximum flow there was a good 300 litres per minute running to the Ram Pump, even with this low level. 

This is good news. ! 

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