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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Day 7 - A great success. We find lots of roots.

Here we are, Wednesday - 7 days since we started cleaning the Irrigation Line.
Setting up for more pipe cleaning.
There are two pipes down this hole. We push the rods down both of them in case of blockages.
  There is one pipe running from the two pipes. It also seems clean.
 And a fourth pipe in here. Errol moved some root material from the end of the pipe.
 We then walked up the line to see how much water was entering the system. Not much. !
This is a very nice bit of ecological restoration, restored by creating a small waterfall at the top end of the pool and cleaning the algae and dead bio mass from the pool.
Back down the line again and I still think the water is being held back somewhere. Look at all this root material I found at the exit of the 3rd pipe tunnel. !. !
This is an excellent water level at the "crystal tank".

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