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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Irrigaton Line work. Day 2 - September 15

Day 2: 

We decided to push the rods through the next 4 sections of pipe leading to the Ram Pump.

The first bad sign was that there was no water overflowing the  Ram Pump reservoir.

There was a blockage in the first section of pipe. We cleared it. Here are Joe and Errol working on the second section.

Here is Joe, deep in the ditch on the fourth section of pipe. We were able to clear a blockage in this pipe.

Finally there was a lot of carob blocking the entrance to the flow just a few meters above the Ram Pump. 

As a result of our work the flow was increased and there was an overflow at the Ram Pump reservoir, but not as much as we had hoped for.

We decided to tackle the blockage under the mountain on Day 3.

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