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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Work on the Irrigation Line in September 2016 Day 1. September 14th

Here we are at the "crystal tank". It is full to overflowing and there is very little water at the Ram Pump, so, time to clean the pipes. !
After cleaning the first two sections 
 this is a picture of Joe getting ready to get under the mountain to the next rodding point.

 Here we are - Dashinka in the lead - into the mountain. It is amazing to realize that this line was an open ditch 50 years ago. !

 OK A nice clear picture of the rodding point. 

There is water here as I did not glue the pipes together when fitting the rodding point. Glue is a really bad idea when we may always have to move or open pipe work. !

 Joe in action, pushing the cleaning rods through the pipe through the mountain.

Here is the hole at the other side of the mountain. We could not get the rods through and we did move a fair amount of mud.

 Day 2 on the next post.

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