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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Dog Walking in the "desert". The "pack" are ready for action.

Off we go. !
 Down to the river or up the Irrigation Line. ?

Past the birth point of the Irrigation Line looking at the Carob tree. I look forward to posting a picture of a carpet of green which happens after rain.
 This is looking very like a desert. !
 Not a lot of life out here. !
 Without rain more trees will die. !
 The dogs like this area, sometimes they find a wild boar in the mountains.
 Looking back and yes, they did find a wild boar. I was too busy endeavouring to stop "the hunt", as the boars are bigger than the dogs and can inflict some nasty injuries, even death. I missed a good picture. ! The boar ran down into the valley on the right.
 I am now on the plateau above the village. You can see that even the Esparto Grass is dying. It is very dry up here and almost all of the Thyme plants are dead - totally dried out.
Coming up to the house. The Palm tree is self seeded. I have been watering it and watching it grow for 16 years. !
 OK Back home. Chill out terrace.

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