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Friday, 23 September 2016

Dry conditions - olive trees - Honsa family - Rosie and a couple of doggie pics. !

A view over what was, years ago, an irrigated terrace.
This is an example of a dying "dry land" olive tree. We have now started watering these trees. Last year we had 43 mm of rain in September. This year we have had 43 mm in the last 10  months in other words ten times less water than last year.
 Shoe harvest. ?

Fidel (Castro) as he has a five pointed star on his chest - looking good.
 Isa, Errol's dog, also looking good.
Rosie doing her laundry using the Sunseed bicycle washing machine.
Silvie, Heinik and Joshua in the "Honsa and Silvie" garden.
More tomorrow. !

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